Asdorn02, also known as blechdose_exe, is a famous streamer that has taken Twitch by storm with such games as "That one zamboni game" and "Midget porn". He usually teams up with huge celebrities like CuthamGaming and Rednoser. This man is also black.

Asdorn's lifeEdit

When Asdorn was young he witnessed a mans computer break because someone threw a rock at him. That man was Jestaz. The final words before his demise were "Hey guys look! I have skee..." and that was all he said. Later on they only heard him on a radio screaming " HELP ME". He is also black btw.

His happiest moment in his life was the wedding of his best friend Tomchamp99 and his beautiful young wife named Funnywinz. They met in a poker game <3.

Asdorn met his demise at the hands of a prepubescent troglodyte named Skylar Supplefelt. Asdorn was sitting at home when Skylar burst into the room with 23 nendroid sleeping bags. Asdorn instantaneously imploded into nothingness. To this day people from all around the world bring flowers to feet of Big Ke$ha where his body is buried. He is also black...

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Black man

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